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Campbell: Is Emily really getting married this season on Revenge? Or is it just a quick engagement fake out type thing?
Daniel and Emily will get engaged right off the bat in season three, and we can tell you that as of episode five, they are still totally moving forward with wedding plans. Emily will be deep in the throes of picking up dresses and flowers, etc, with every intention of becoming a Grayson. Start monogramming those wedding gifts, now! Perhaps a gold-plated Sharpie?


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Question: I have to say, the more I hear about Revenge Season 3, the more encouraged I become. Anything else you can share? —Melody
Ausiello: The weekly takedowns are back, but with a twist: They’ll play out over multiple episodes. They’ll also be less plot-driven. “We’re going to use them to explore who Emily is a little bit more than we’ve had a chance to in the past,” previews new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “We’re 44 hours into the show now. She’s experienced so many different things, culminating in the revelation of who [really] is to Jack. We’re examining not just who she is and what happiness means to her, but what are the ramifications of her plans are. Because now there’s someone who knows. And that’s going to have an impact on Emily. So the takedowns are still going to be wonderful, but they’re also going to have a deeper meaning and a deeper effect.”


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Last night, August 24th, Nylon & ASOS held a celebration for our very own Emily Vancamp to celebrate her being on the cover of the September issue of Nylon magazine. I’ve uploaded over 80 High Quality photos of the cast at the event to the gallery which you can check out by clicking the thumbnails below:

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Put yourself in the shoes of poor Jack Porter for a hot second. Your wife is dead. Your brother is dead. You have a newborn. And your friend just revealed that she’s actually your former childhood BFF who’s been posing as someone else. What are you going to do? GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN, of course. But it won’t stay that way.

Over the course of Revenge’s season 3 premiere, Jack will return to the Stowaway and the ghosts of the town that took so much from him. And Sunil Nayar, the show’s new incoming showrunner, says Jack has a tough road ahead. “He has an absolute lot to synthesize for himself and, especially as a person who is so inherently moral and good, to have so much bad and betrayal enacted upon him has been a journey. And when we see him in the premiere, he’s obviously still on that journey, but also has asked himself a lot of questions and come up with answers to a few.” Which begs the question, though, why did Jack return at all? “You will get a sense of why that is,” Nayar teases. “And the other thing is, there’s a real connection to the Stowaway. It’s the bar his father created and it is where the memories of those he’s loved and lost lived. It’s the one anchor he has. In some ways, it represents his past, what happened with Emily represents his present and Carl represents his future.”

Throw him a bone, though, Nayar! Jack needs SOMETHING good to come his way. What about a new dog? “It’s funny you should say that,” he laughs. “You’ll see him explore that early in the season.” (Jack + puppy = best thing ever?)


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Phoebe: Clearly, Emily is faking her own death this season of Revenge, because there is no way they would kill off the star, right?
We wouldn’t be so sure about that. Emily VanCamp did tell us that this season is “the beginning of the end of Emily Thorne.” Ominous, no? True, it’s a long shot that ABC would ever get rid of their leading lady, but it sounds like the writers do have some old tricks up their sleeves. “It’s going back to season one,” VanCamp says, adding that the love square or “rhombus” is back in full force. “It refocuses her conflict with the Graysons,” she reveals. As for Nolan, Gabriel Mann tells us that his character’s new trend this season will be “orange for prison jumpsuits.” Orange Is the New Nolan? We dig it.


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Question: Any details on how Ashley will be written off Revenge? —Geoffrey
Ausiello: Despite portrayer Ashley Madekwe’s very public plea that her character “die in a blaze of glory,” showrunner Sunil Nayar tells us that Ash — who will depart in the show’s Sept. 29 opener —will live to see another day. “We’re not killing her,” he reveals. “We’d never do that! She’s too great a character. As sad as we are to bid her farewell at the moment, you’ll see that the way we resolve her storyline now gives her an opportunity to come back with her own revenge agenda.”

Question: Can you tease any good Emily-Victoria moments in the Revenge premiere? —Joyce
Ausiello: I could, but I’m going to let Emily VanCamp do the honors. “We have a moment where we actually band together,” previews the actress. Of course, like most of the truces forged by the sworn enemies, this one is short-lived. “We put up this united front and then, after whatever it is is taken care of, it’s like, ‘OK, I’m outta here,’” VanCamp says with a laugh. “But it’s nice to be able to play something [civil] with Madeline [Stowe] because [Emily and Victoria] are always at odds each other. And I hate it because I love Madeline so much. We’re so evil to each other.”


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When ABC’s Revenge returns September 29, six months will have passed since last season’s finale, when Patrick Osbourne (Justin Hartley), the long-lost son of Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), appeared on her doorstep. “Through Patrick, we get to see who Victoria was and what a fierce mother she is,” says the show’s new executive producer, Sunil Nayar. “We’ll see honest regret and the creation of a bond we never saw with [her younger children] Daniel and Charlotte.”

That bond won’t make Victoria’s second and third born very happy. “All of a sudden this new guy is getting all of her attention,” says Hartley, who played fan fave Oliver Queen on Smallville. “They feel a little slighted and take it out on Patrick. On a scale of one to 10, he’s treated like a one.” As for Patrick’s true intentions for reconnecting with his mother, “You can look no further than the title of the show,” hints Hartley. “Suffice it to say, he will do anything for his mother and may lash out if you mistreat Mommy.”


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Those who tuned into ABC tonight during it’s prime time hour were served up a helping of brand new promotional material for it’s 2013-2014 prime time season, and of course it would be amiss without it’s juiciest show, Revenge. The promo was sizzling with new footage and possibly some very real and very scary realities, Revenge returns September 29th but you can get in on the action by viewing the video below:

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Season three of ABC’s Revenge promises a return to its roots, and show stars Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann give up a few goodies about things to come – and the promiscuity of their characters! Watch the video…

“She’s like the Hamptons whore, man, she just gets some all over the place,” jokes VanCamp about her character. But seriously: “I think she has two loves; she’s marrying the one that she doesn’t love at all, unfortunately, and I think we see her battling with that. But that’s always been the plan, so she’s okay with it.”

The show about retribution follows Emily Thorne, who moves to The Hamptons with a new identity, ready to take vengeance on the people who murdered her father and stole her childhood — and no one is off limits. Season two ended with a bang as a major character died, two were arrested – and Emily confessed her true identity.

“The first episodes of season three might be the beginning of the end for Emily Thorne,” teases VanCamp, who says the show’s big flash-forward reveals her standing at her nuptials in her wedding dress. “It’s about six months later. … Nolan is in prison, the Graysons are broke, Conrad is governor. The idea behind that [time jump] is to skip some of the boring stuff and get people back into their community of crazy people.”


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Any Nolan scoop? The more I hear about this season of Revenge, the more excited I get! — Trey
Good, you should be excited because as Gabriel Mann puts it, this season is “really feels like a love letter to Revenge fans who have been with us since the beginning.” “It’s certainly a refocused approach to the show,” he says. And an integral part of making that a reality was making sure Nolan wasn’t behind bars too long, he adds. “I don’t think the story that fans came to enjoy involves a miserable, sociopathically depressed Nolan in a prison cell.” But what it will involve? Nolan having “his own Revengenda against the Graysons.” “How that affects him an Emily’s relationship is I think he’s 250 percent committed to seeing this go down and maybe picked up a few skills in prison,” he teases.