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As you can see we’re sporting a brand new look, created by one of our very own Hamptonites, Nicole from Nowhereland 9 Designs and this year we decided to go with something to set the tone for another summer in the Hamptons.

It also has a stunning matching gallery theme to go with it which also sports the chess board approach. As more players become taken out of play the chessboard seems ever more appropriate, don’t you think?

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I have a Confession to make:

I have new stills for you from the third episode, which as you can tell are part of that magical scene from the insane extended trailer where Victoria and Aiden arrive on the scene for all to see. Everyone’s in attendance at Nolan’s housewarming party but will these guests be the crashers, or will something else dampen the party? You’ll just have to wait and find out.

Welcome home, Nolan.


“Confession” – With a new lease on life, Nolan throws a housewarming party worthy of The Hampton’s elite, but an unexpected guest leads to a showdown that sends shockwaves through the community, while Conrad’s mortality causes him to question his sins, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

“Revenge” stars Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Henry Czerny as Conrad Grayson, Josh Bowman as Daniel Grayson, Nick Wechsler as Jack Porter, Gabriel Mann as Nolan Ross, Christa B. Allen as Charlotte Clarke and Barry Sloane as Aiden Mathis.

Guest starring James LeGros as Father Paul Whitley, Karine Vanasse as Margaux LeMarchal, and Justin Hartley as Patrick Osbourne.

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Now that the Revenging ball is on a roll again ABC is treating us to the stills for the second episode of the season, titled Sin. From the look of the photos I think I can safely say the cause of this evening is none other than the Queen herself.

Emily’s next target takes her into unchartered, sacred terrain, now that the former Grayson Global executive is a reformed clergyman. Victoria makes a bold move with Patrick, and Margaux presents Daniel with an intriguing proposal, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

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Video Link

If you thought you were ready, you were wrong.

Are you ready for more “Revenge”?

Before the Season 3 premiere of ABC’s “Revenge”-tastic drama (Sun., Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET), we’ve got an exclusive video, above, to help refresh your memory about where we left off — the death, the drama, the big reveals — and also some new footage teasing what’s next in Season 3.

As the voiceover says, Emily Thorne is “the sexiest, baddest and revenge-iest thing to hit the Hamptons, and she’s got a big score to settle” — and a few men to juggle while doing it. Described as “the juiciest love rhombus,” the video recaps Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) men and the selling points for Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman), Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) and Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) with two minutes and 40 seconds of pure awesome catch-up — and the remaining minute and 23 seconds is all new footage from Season 3.

“Revenge returns with a final ultimatum. Friends will turn, enemies will fall and new threats will rise.” There’s the much buzzed-about scene of Emily getting shot on a yacht while wearing a wedding dress (who is she marrying?!), but there’s so much more. Emily plotting with Nolan to “have the wedding of the century” and “take down Victoria once and for all”; Daniel getting seduced; Victoria teaming with Aiden and saying amazingly villainous things like “Together we’re going to destroy that little bitch”; and Nolan asking what we all want to know: Who’s next to get that red sharpie?


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Any fresh Revenge intel?
First: It’s GOOD. REALLY good. Second: Emily and Nolan have a classic team-up that will send one character down an unexpected path… and to the hospital.

Can you PLEASE share some Jack and Emily scoop? I’m so encouraged by all the good things I’m hearing. — Lillian
If you’re hearing good things about the status of Jack and Emily’s relationship, your source is misinformed. Because he’s not exactly 100 percent pleased with her. That said, there’s a scene that will probably satisfy your appetite for GIF-able Jack-Emily moments.


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Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is a bride-to-be on the upcoming season of Revenge, but something tells us this wedding isn’t going to go according to plan. That “something” is the show’s season 3 key art, which EW has obtained exclusively.
In the gorgeous photo above, Emily dons a pristine white wedding gown, a perfect tan (thanks, Hamptons!) and a very gloomy bouquet of thorny black roses that seem to be the cause of the stream of blood running down her arm. (We’re guessing this one’s not going on the mantel…)

The pic echos what new showrunner Sunil Nayar told EW about the start of the new season, in which [spoiler alert!] we will see wedding gown-adorn Emily get shot in the first 60 seconds! “That’s the big, huge event and huge mystery that we’re building to in the first episode this season leading up to a grand December finale,” Nayar told us. “We’re really excited for all of the little movements everyone makes toward each other and there are great parties building up to a wedding, and, of course, the wedding itself. It’s all going to drive the first half of the season.”
Revenge returns Sunday Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.


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Kerry: Please tell me Nolan will get a juicy storyline this season on Revenge! Maybe a new love interest?
“I think when we meet Nolan in season three he is not trying to remember names or take numbers. I think his heart has been broken,” Gabriel Mann teases. “I would say being a love interest to Nolan is very dangerous endeavor; they usually end up dead or in a mental institution. So I feel sad to anyone that gets too close to him, but it’s not going to stop them.” And while Nolan’s new love interest won’t be revealed in the premiere, we can tell you he and BFF Emily share a lot of adorable scenes.


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Isn’t it just a wonderful day for Revenge items?

Anything on the upcoming season of Revenge? The new promo has me feeling positive! –Drew
James LeGros’ holy man will play a key role in Emily’s latest takedown plot. “There’s an element to which the nature of him being a priest puts him up against the concept of what is good and what is right and what is the moral thing to do,” previews showrunner Sunil Nayar of the arc. “And that, in turn, let’s us examine Emily Thorne’s mandate in a way we haven’t had a chance to do before.”

I have question about Revenge‘s Season 3: Is Henry Cherny (Conrad) still a series regular? –Chris
He absolutely is!


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Well, the wait is over and I know I was not disappointed with the amazing work done again this year, the entire cast looks amazing! Sadly there is only one photoshoot image for each actor this time around but here’s hoping we get a winter treat as well like previous years!

But take a look at our fabulous cast in these HQ photos, which you can see by clicking the link!

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While we’re still patiently (I say this loosely, I am dying) for the cast promotionals photos (*coughIwantanewlayoutcough*) People has revealed a sneak peek at the cast group photo!

Isn’t it just stunning?

Once the photos are released check back here for the HQ versions of them, if this photo is anything to go by then we’re in for a treat! As you can see Barry has now been added to the group, to go alongside his series regular status. Noticeably absent is Ashley Madekwe, whom sadly we are saying goodbye to this year.