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Question: Any details on how Ashley will be written off Revenge? —Geoffrey
Ausiello: Despite portrayer Ashley Madekwe’s very public plea that her character “die in a blaze of glory,” showrunner Sunil Nayar tells us that Ash — who will depart in the show’s Sept. 29 opener —will live to see another day. “We’re not killing her,” he reveals. “We’d never do that! She’s too great a character. As sad as we are to bid her farewell at the moment, you’ll see that the way we resolve her storyline now gives her an opportunity to come back with her own revenge agenda.”

Question: Can you tease any good Emily-Victoria moments in the Revenge premiere? —Joyce
Ausiello: I could, but I’m going to let Emily VanCamp do the honors. “We have a moment where we actually band together,” previews the actress. Of course, like most of the truces forged by the sworn enemies, this one is short-lived. “We put up this united front and then, after whatever it is is taken care of, it’s like, ‘OK, I’m outta here,’” VanCamp says with a laugh. “But it’s nice to be able to play something [civil] with Madeline [Stowe] because [Emily and Victoria] are always at odds each other. And I hate it because I love Madeline so much. We’re so evil to each other.”


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When ABC’s Revenge returns September 29, six months will have passed since last season’s finale, when Patrick Osbourne (Justin Hartley), the long-lost son of Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), appeared on her doorstep. “Through Patrick, we get to see who Victoria was and what a fierce mother she is,” says the show’s new executive producer, Sunil Nayar. “We’ll see honest regret and the creation of a bond we never saw with [her younger children] Daniel and Charlotte.”

That bond won’t make Victoria’s second and third born very happy. “All of a sudden this new guy is getting all of her attention,” says Hartley, who played fan fave Oliver Queen on Smallville. “They feel a little slighted and take it out on Patrick. On a scale of one to 10, he’s treated like a one.” As for Patrick’s true intentions for reconnecting with his mother, “You can look no further than the title of the show,” hints Hartley. “Suffice it to say, he will do anything for his mother and may lash out if you mistreat Mommy.”


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Those who tuned into ABC tonight during it’s prime time hour were served up a helping of brand new promotional material for it’s 2013-2014 prime time season, and of course it would be amiss without it’s juiciest show, Revenge. The promo was sizzling with new footage and possibly some very real and very scary realities, Revenge returns September 29th but you can get in on the action by viewing the video below:

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Season three of ABC’s Revenge promises a return to its roots, and show stars Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann give up a few goodies about things to come – and the promiscuity of their characters! Watch the video…

“She’s like the Hamptons whore, man, she just gets some all over the place,” jokes VanCamp about her character. But seriously: “I think she has two loves; she’s marrying the one that she doesn’t love at all, unfortunately, and I think we see her battling with that. But that’s always been the plan, so she’s okay with it.”

The show about retribution follows Emily Thorne, who moves to The Hamptons with a new identity, ready to take vengeance on the people who murdered her father and stole her childhood — and no one is off limits. Season two ended with a bang as a major character died, two were arrested – and Emily confessed her true identity.

“The first episodes of season three might be the beginning of the end for Emily Thorne,” teases VanCamp, who says the show’s big flash-forward reveals her standing at her nuptials in her wedding dress. “It’s about six months later. … Nolan is in prison, the Graysons are broke, Conrad is governor. The idea behind that [time jump] is to skip some of the boring stuff and get people back into their community of crazy people.”


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Any Nolan scoop? The more I hear about this season of Revenge, the more excited I get! — Trey
Good, you should be excited because as Gabriel Mann puts it, this season is “really feels like a love letter to Revenge fans who have been with us since the beginning.” “It’s certainly a refocused approach to the show,” he says. And an integral part of making that a reality was making sure Nolan wasn’t behind bars too long, he adds. “I don’t think the story that fans came to enjoy involves a miserable, sociopathically depressed Nolan in a prison cell.” But what it will involve? Nolan having “his own Revengenda against the Graysons.” “How that affects him an Emily’s relationship is I think he’s 250 percent committed to seeing this go down and maybe picked up a few skills in prison,” he teases.


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Emily & Josh were spotted on the set of Revenge Tuesday afternoon shooting some scenes on the beach. I’ve uploaded 30 High Quality photos to the gallery which you can check out by clicking the thumbnails below:

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DON’T CALL IT A REBOOT | Without specifically mentioning the aforementioned R-word, Mann notes that this year will bring Revenge “back-to-basics.” This upcoming batch of episodes are “certainly a revisiting of everything people really came to enjoy about the show in Season 1.” Calling this season more “streamlined,” Stowe notes that, “It’s going to really involve the interpersonal relationships of the characters; that’s what the show is intended to be.”

BRINGING SEXY (AND SLUTTY!) BACK | “Aside from his best partner-in-crime Emily — which is really the place where he holds the most love – Nolan’s not looking to get too attached,” Mann teases playfully. “So, we may see a new, slutty phase that he’s going through.” As for the NolCorp helmer’s rarely seen former love Marco, “We haven’t seen him return yet” in Season 3, the scene-stealer shares.

LIKE MOTHER, LIKE SON? | Is Victoria’s long-lost offspring the spitting image of his devious mom? Justin Hartley’s character “is going to be interesting because he appears to be sunny and bright, but this is Revenge, so….” Stowe muses. “I have a feeling that if he comes from Victoria, there is something very warped there!” That said, the mother-son duo are enjoying “a very loving relationship” at the start of the season. (Bonus tease: “Justin’s one of the first people to get his clothes off,” Mann reveals.)

FREEBIRD | Referring to his character’s brush with the law in last season’s finale, Mann jokes, “I think a miserable season of Nolan crying in prison would really not be the path that we’re setting up.” Instead — and along similarly slutty lines, “This [year] is everything we started to do in Season 1, with just a buttload of sex thrown on top of it — which to me was always a missing element. When you’re doing a show like this, you want to see these people get naked. You want to see them mix it up in creative ways.”

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Aiden is “in a place he’s not been before” when we next see him, Sloane offers. “He’s ‘in bed with the enemy’ a little bit.” The enemy being? “I have been working with Madeleine a lot,” he laughs. (With reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich)


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While I’m certain this isn’t the entire reel, Entertainment Tonight has posted a sneak peek at the always hilarious blooper reel which will be available on the Season 2 DVD which is released on Tuesday!

Drama is in no short supply on screen, but off-screen, the cast of Revenge can barely contain their giggles as you can see from this exclusive blooper reel off the upcoming season two DVD!

Revenge: The Complete Second Season hits DVD on August 20. In addition to bloopers, the DVD contains deleted scenes, cast commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes and more!

Via ETOnline

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Question: I’m so excited for Season 3 of Revenge — any scoop? —Simona

Ausiello: The words “The Initiative” — aka the symbol for everything that went wrong with Season 2 — will be uttered once in the Season 3 premiere. And then NEVER. AGAIN. “Conrad sort of said in the season finale that it never really existed in the first place,” notes new showrunner Sunil Nayar. “So we’re going to embrace that reality and go forward that way.” Nayar, meanwhile, confirms that the first episode will flash forward to Emily’s wedding day, although it won’t be immediately clear if it’s Daniel she’s marrying. “You’re going to see something spectacular happen,” he teases, “and we’re going to [build toward] that in the first half of the season.”

Via TVLine

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Emily Van Camp and Gabriel Mann chat with AccessHollywood.com’s Laura Saltman about “Revenge” Season 3. Why the show’s getting back to basics? Plus, what will be revealed this season? And, how would Emily like to see it all end?

Thanks to Emily-VanCamp.com for the heads up!