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Posted by Emily Thorne on Mar 10, 2015 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Question: Revenge is on fire this season! Do you have any scoop? —Julius

Ausiello: I don’t think you realize how perfect your question is, Julius. Episode 20, appropriately titled “Aftermath,” deals with the fallout from a devastating fire at a yet-unknown Hamptons residence. What I do know, however, is that both Emily and David will try to enter the home looking for answers — and they’ll both be turned away by the authorities.


Posted by Emily Thorne on Jan 17, 2015 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

As we delve deeper into the second half of Revenge‘s fourth — and potentially final — season, we find ourselves wondering: Will everyone soon know Emily’s secret? How will characters’ loyalties shift? And, of course, who will live to find out?

TVLine caught up with four of Revenge‘s key players for the scoop…

JACK V. BLACK | Is Daniel saving a spot for Jack in Revenge heaven? Nick Wechsler tells TVLine we should be “fairly worried” about the Hamptons’ new rookie cop, as Malcolm Black is “going to come after whoever it is that [killed Kate]. I’ll be honest, he’s coming after me. He’s coming after all of us.” As for Emily, Wechsler says Jack will be very much involved in rescuing her from Malcolm’s clutches. “It’s a team effort,” he explains. “Jack will be damned before he lets anything happen to her.”

BODY COUNT | Looking for comfort about Jack’s fate? You won’t get it from Gabriel Mann. The real-life Nolan Ross tells TVLine, “Any one of us could be gone without proper circumstance. They have no qualms about anyone dying on this show. … We’re going real, real, real big this year. It feels like anything further from this show [beyond Season 4] would need to be a variation on what this is. Whether that involves these same characters, or new characters, none of us really know.” As for who might soon be six feet under, Mann says, “It’s a big one. Our creator, Mike Kelley, envisioned the end of the series as a beach covered with the bodies of our characters, with Emily and Victoria climbing over them to get to each other.”

More scoop at the source: TVLine

Posted by Daniel Grayson on Jan 15, 2015 • Articles & Interviews1 comment

Ratings be damned, I’m loving Revenge more than ever. Have anything for the faitfhul fans? –Deb
“There’s something hugely big for Nolan that we’re literally on the precipice of,” Gabriel Mann reveals. “I think it changes the course of Season 4 for him.” Mann hints that it might have something to do with a certain new houseguest, as his character is “going to delve into Louise’s world and see all the baggage she brings with her.” As for Nolan’s love life (or lack thereof) this season, Mann hints at a major turn of the tide: “This season, I thought Nolan needed to take a little bit of a break … but [his love life] is not going to be dry for a whole lot longer.”


Posted by Emily Thorne on Nov 19, 2014 • Articles & Interviews, Gallery0 Comments

Winter Break is quickly approaching and you know what that means, only an episode or two left before we go on hiatus for a few months. Queue the sad music.

“Intel” – Emily and Victoria learn that information is the most dangerous weapon while Nolan offers up information of his own in order to salvage his reputation, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Posted by Emily Thorne on Nov 15, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Tommy Flanagan, Sons of Anarchy‘s Chibs, is headed to network TV after Sons concludes its run in December.

EW has confirmed that Flanagan will play a villain on ABC’s Revenge. TVLine first reported that Flanagan will be playing Malcolm Black, who is described as a “a high-functioning psychopath with a long memory for those who have crossed him.”

Flanagan will first appear on Revenge during its midseason premiere.


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Oct 21, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Reenie: On my agenda: Revenge scoop from you!
Well played, but don’t you mean your “revengenda?” Sorry, couldn’t resist. But feel free to pencil in a funeral soon as death is coming to the Hamptons…again! “There probably is going to be a death this season,” Josh Bowman told us. “There should be.” And when asked if Daniel could be the one to bite the dust, Bowman answered, “Let’s hope not!”


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Oct 17, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Are David and Emily really going to reunite on Revenge? — Nikki
Yes, the talk of this week’s episode is Emily finding out that her father is still alive—don’t worry, the promos did not deceive you—though their reunion won’t necessarily be an easy one. But what Revenge fans should worry about is how deeply Louise (Elena Satine) is trying to embed herself into the Grayson family. When getting in Victoria’s good graces doesn’t work, she’ll set her sights elsewhere.


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Oct 15, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming up for my favorite Revenge character, Nolan? —Keith
Ausiello: Well, Keith, your favorite character is going to make a bold move on Sunday’s episode, and it’s not going to sit well with Ms. Emily Thorne. The ever-private Emily wants to keep last week’s intruder incident under wraps — especially from a certain cop friend of hers — forcing Nolan to go behind her back to keep her safe (and we all know how much Emily loves when people go behind her back).

Question: Any spoilers on Revenge? —Ferlay
Ausiello: Well, Ferlay, how about a nasty spoiler about a certain estranged father? Sunday’s episode reveals a habit of David Clarke’s that we’ve never seen before. No one’s seen it before, in fact, and something tells me he wouldn’t want Victoria catching him in the act.


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Sep 16, 2014 • Articles & Interviews, Media0 Comments

What’s that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a Hamptons Ice Queen beaten with a shovel and involuntarily checked into a mental hospital?”
All we know is that Emily might want to watch her back as Revenge‘s fourth season gets underway, because in the following exclusive trailer, Victoria sounds like she’s out for blood.

While the sometime Mrs. Grayson narrates, the video recaps the history of Em’s presence in the Hamptons, from meeting Victoria at the art auction on the boat (hi, Ashley!) to the infamous helicopter incident of 2014 (duck, Pascal!) and more. (If the video seems familiar, it’s because it’s an extended version of one released in August.)
Then, we get fleeting glimpses of what’s in store when the ABC drama returns on Sunday, Sept. 28 (10/9c), and the action seems to include — among other visuals — Nolan being carried around like a god, Charlotte about to leap off a building and an unconscious Emily about to burn to death.


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Sep 09, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Beth: I’ll take anything you’ve got on Revenge!
Another death will rock the Hamptons! While fans of all the series regulars can breathe a sigh of relief, a pretty important figure in the Hamptons (who had ties to Conrad) will bite the dust…leading to a whole lot of speculation surrounding the mysterious circumstances surrounding his (yes, it’s a male character that dies) death.