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Posted by Daniel Grayson on Oct 21, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Reenie: On my agenda: Revenge scoop from you!
Well played, but don’t you mean your “revengenda?” Sorry, couldn’t resist. But feel free to pencil in a funeral soon as death is coming to the Hamptons…again! “There probably is going to be a death this season,” Josh Bowman told us. “There should be.” And when asked if Daniel could be the one to bite the dust, Bowman answered, “Let’s hope not!”


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Oct 17, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Are David and Emily really going to reunite on Revenge? — Nikki
Yes, the talk of this week’s episode is Emily finding out that her father is still alive—don’t worry, the promos did not deceive you—though their reunion won’t necessarily be an easy one. But what Revenge fans should worry about is how deeply Louise (Elena Satine) is trying to embed herself into the Grayson family. When getting in Victoria’s good graces doesn’t work, she’ll set her sights elsewhere.


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Oct 15, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming up for my favorite Revenge character, Nolan? —Keith
Ausiello: Well, Keith, your favorite character is going to make a bold move on Sunday’s episode, and it’s not going to sit well with Ms. Emily Thorne. The ever-private Emily wants to keep last week’s intruder incident under wraps — especially from a certain cop friend of hers — forcing Nolan to go behind her back to keep her safe (and we all know how much Emily loves when people go behind her back).

Question: Any spoilers on Revenge? —Ferlay
Ausiello: Well, Ferlay, how about a nasty spoiler about a certain estranged father? Sunday’s episode reveals a habit of David Clarke’s that we’ve never seen before. No one’s seen it before, in fact, and something tells me he wouldn’t want Victoria catching him in the act.


Posted by Daniel Grayson on Sep 16, 2014 • Articles & Interviews, Media0 Comments

What’s that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a Hamptons Ice Queen beaten with a shovel and involuntarily checked into a mental hospital?”
All we know is that Emily might want to watch her back as Revenge‘s fourth season gets underway, because in the following exclusive trailer, Victoria sounds like she’s out for blood.

While the sometime Mrs. Grayson narrates, the video recaps the history of Em’s presence in the Hamptons, from meeting Victoria at the art auction on the boat (hi, Ashley!) to the infamous helicopter incident of 2014 (duck, Pascal!) and more. (If the video seems familiar, it’s because it’s an extended version of one released in August.)
Then, we get fleeting glimpses of what’s in store when the ABC drama returns on Sunday, Sept. 28 (10/9c), and the action seems to include — among other visuals — Nolan being carried around like a god, Charlotte about to leap off a building and an unconscious Emily about to burn to death.


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Beth: I’ll take anything you’ve got on Revenge!
Another death will rock the Hamptons! While fans of all the series regulars can breathe a sigh of relief, a pretty important figure in the Hamptons (who had ties to Conrad) will bite the dust…leading to a whole lot of speculation surrounding the mysterious circumstances surrounding his (yes, it’s a male character that dies) death.


Posted by Emily Thorne on Sep 05, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Step aside, Emily Thorne; there’s a new Revenge-r in town.

ABC on Friday unveiled the key art for Revenge‘s upcoming fourth season, which finds the soap’s reigning queens turning the Hamptons into their own personal battleground.

And considering the season’s tagline (“What goes around comes around”), we’re not sure which woman should be more afraid!

Check out the full-sized image, then drop a comment with your hopes for Season 4.

Posted by Daniel Grayson on Sep 02, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Revenge is dropping its flash-forward gimmick in Season 4 and adopting “a whole new attitude” — beginning with Victoria — showrunner Sunil Nayar tells TVLine. “You’re going to find her in a very new state of mind…. There’s almost a calm about her.” That said, she’s still focused on taking down Emily, who’s “trying to move past what’s happened to her,” including Aiden’s death and the supposed completion of her original revenge mission. “Dead” David’s return will certainly rock her world, though the show will “roll him out pretty slowly” so the audience can savor everyone’s “different, wonderful” reactions. His dynamic with Emily, specifically, is “not what you’re going to be expecting.” Meanwhile, the dead girl left in Daniel’s bed at the end of Season 3 “will lead to a significant change” in the Hamptons’ golden boy. (The fate of his father, by the way, will be confirmed “in the first couple minutes” of the season premiere.) As for Nolan? We’ve got two words: Boat. Party.
BONUS SPOILER | Prepare yourselves for Jack 2.0. “The audience will be knocked out by what he has done between seasons,” Nayar says.
RETURN DATE | Sunday, Sept. 28 at 10/9c (ABC)


Posted by Emily Thorne on Aug 29, 2014 • Articles & Interviews0 Comments

Got anything on Revenge? — Ciara
You may be asking yourself why Jack suddenly becomes friends with a cop (Client List’s Brian Hallisay) after finding himself on the wrong side of the law last season. That’s easy: Jack is actually putting on a badge. However, despite his new position, Charlotte has been unable to forgive him for his part in her kidnapping, which will put them at odds at the annual Memorial Day party. (Oh yes, the party is still happening, it’s just being hosted by someone else while Victoria is in the loony bin.)


Posted by Emily Thorne on Aug 27, 2014 • Articles & Interviews1 comment

Continuing with our wonderful interview with Ted, here’s part 2 of the Q&A!

North asks: could you walk us through the writing process for one of your past episodes? How much lee-way do you have in choosing which characters should interact or in what they should say to each other?

Ted: Since this is a highly serialized show, we all work very closely with each other, especially with the writer in front of you and behind you in the order. When I wrote for “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” we never had to worry about that. Every episode was basically an island unto itself. That show was meant to be watched out of order. But “Revenge” is the antithesis of that. So teamwork is key.

That said, Sunil wants the writer to take ownership of the episode. So, we all come to the whiteboard with ideas, pitches and suggestions to make our episode come alive. Sometimes you make pitches for using people like Mason or Lydia, and that is always dependent on their availability.

Other times you make pitches for a takedown. My last one in season 3 was a takedown that I wanted to do very badly (episode 319). It was a twist on the traditional takedowns. Emily got her win. But it had the unexpected repercussion of revealing her actions to Victoria. So, that was fun to write.

Once the story gets broken, you have the fun task of casting the guest stars. For me, that’s one of the most exciting parts of being on a show as big and successful as “Revenge.” The types of guest stars our casting director Lisa Soltau pulls in are simply awesome. In the takedown episode I mentioned above, Lisa got us Tim Dekay from “White Collar.” I’m a huge fan of his and was not disappointed when he arrived to the set. He’s awesome and just knocked it out of the park.

But it’s like that all the time on “Revenge.” JR Bourne from “Teen Wolf.” Michael Trucco from “Battlestar Galactica.” Justin Hartley from “Smallville.” Joaquim de Almeida from “Clear and Present danger.” James le Gros from “Living in Oblivion.” These are all people I dreamed of working with and actually got to. That’s one of the best things about the job.

For more of the Q&A, click on Continue Reading. Spoiler Warning for the end of Season 3.

Posted by Emily Thorne on Aug 27, 2014 • Articles & Interviews1 comment

Without Ted and the writers team, we wouldn’t have any of these amazing stories we see on screen every season. Ted is incredibly active socially and agreed to do a fan Q&A with us, and he brought some friends.

Fans submitted questions via our Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages and again after sorting through the questions and submitting our favorites, here are his wonderful answers. We’re splitting the interview into 2 parts, so check back on Friday for Part 2. Part 1 of Karine’s interview will be posted on Sunday.

Kieran asks: Where did the idea to start the Revenge OGN come from and what was the process in getting it made? How involved were the shows creative team with the writing and story ideas or was it mostly you and Erica?

Ted: The idea came from ABC and Marvel. I was just lucky to be asked to join a train that was already leaving the station. Showrunner Sunil Nayar is the conductor. He asked me if I wanted to be involved, mainly because we’ve now known each other for a couple of years now and he’s well aware of my love for all things comic book-y. I’m grateful he asked me to help out.

Marvel asked me to come up with a story area for the comic and to find a way to tie it into the continuity of the show. As a long time fan of comics, I knew origin stories would probably serve us best in the long run. I worked very hard with Wilson Pollock (one of our talented writer’s assistants) and Jesse lasky (our script supervisor) to zero in on a story that would fit into our established backstory.

Once we landed on the thematic questions we wanted to answer in the story, I worked on defining the new characters and setting. Having lived in Geneva Switzerland as a boy, I thought it would be a fun backdrop for the story. It’s kind of like a European Hamptons filled with rich and powerful people who can mirror the Grayson’s.

Marvel brought in Erica to take the outline I’d created and turn that into a script. She’s extremely experienced in the medium and was instrumental in poking logic holes in the story and making it stronger and better than I could have ever hoped for. She and I would constantly go back and forth with the script tweaks until marvel finally said “stop tinkering! It’s done!”

Priscilla (@paulettegoddess) asks: Coming into Season Four, are there any ideas or stories you guys did in the past that you feel didn’t work out as well as you had hoped, or something you would have changed?

Ted: I suppose we had high hopes for some love triangle stuff with Nolan in season 2 that unfortunately got overshadowed along the way due to the initiative storyline. It’s hard to deal with traditional soap-y romance stuff when you’re also dealing with evil secret organizations that are plotting the death and destruction of thousands of innocent people.

I was also sad that we killed Nate Ryan. Michael Trucco is an excellent actor. Plus, he’s a fantastic person that brings a great, easy going vibe to the set. I loved the idea of him becoming Conrad’s new “frank” tough guy. I thought there was a lot of potential there.

But once the decision was made for him to kill Fauxmanda, it was pretty clear that he was going to die on that boat, too. That episode ended up being a very powerful and emotionally satisfying conclusion that people really responded to.

For more of the Q&A, click on Continue Reading. Spoiler Warning for the end of Season 3.